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Micro-protein blend proven to activate your body and mind.

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Hydrate and Activate

You lead a busy life, don't let it impact your workouts. Make the most of your training and Detach from your previous best.

Go beyond basic hydration with improved electrolyte balance, low glycemic energy and micro-protein blend to keep you hitting PR's in every workout!

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Zero Compromise. Endless Benefits


You know the natural hydration benefits of coconut water. We added just the right amount of purified sea salt to our organic coconut water base. This gives  you the critical sodium missing from coconut water alone and an improved electrolyte balance.


All plant based nutrition, including our low calorie superfood ingredients organic coconut nectar and organic wildflower honey. They provide a sustained energy source (low GI) and unlike imitation sweeteners, Detach has no funky after taste. At 60 total  calories it beats other natural hydration drinks.


Be sure to hit your PR every time using Detach before and during your activity. With a plant based micro-protein blend of beta-alanine, citrulline and theanine to activate your mind and body. No marketing BS, science backed evidence proven to carry you to new levels.

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What Everyone is Saying

"I had a sip of Detach today before I ran...I did not want to stop running! I like it!"

– Maryann L - Olympic Triathlete

"Detach unlocks the results you've been tirelessly working for..."

– Tommy M - Competitive Cyclist

"Few things are better than a Detach Coconut+ after a long Saturday run."

– Karolin B. - Avid Runner

"At 47, I am leaving my friends 20 yrs younger short of breath! Thanks Detach for making it easier to make a fitness comeback."

– Alexi T - Master athlete

"Noticeable boost in energy and focus; perfect for groggy mornings where I need a jumpstart."

– Mike K - 1st Reg Bodybuilding and 2x 2nd Mr. Natural IL

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Detach is founded by real people for real people. It is our goal to deliver quality products, with real functional benefits for active lifestyles while donating and supporting initiatives that share our core values. Learn more about what started it all and what continues to drive the Detach culture.

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