"Refreshing and light, just delicious, treat your taste buds!"

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"Natural hydration with real ingredients, dairy free or vegan, gluten, nut, soy free, no compromises for your health."

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Refresh. Rehydrate. Refuel.

A simple fusion of flavor and function to help you enjoy being your best everyday.

coconut water, purified sea salt, coconut nectar, wildflower honey, amino acids  ...

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Zero Compromise. Endless Benefits


Light and Refreshing, our flavor profile will have you rethink your perception of coconut water!  Light and refreshing, no "cotton" mouth feeling from diet sweeteners or too much sugar and still at only 60 total calories.


A blend of 40% organic coconut water beats out competition. We add just the right amount of  purified sea salt. This gives you  critical sodium missing from coconut water alone to boost your hydration.


Organic superfood ingredients like coconut nectar and  wildflower honey provide sustained, core energy. Functional amino acids (protein building blocks) beta-alanine, citrulline and theanine to help get you activated.

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Detach is founded by real people for real people. It is our goal to deliver the right fusion of flavor and function to those who want active lifestyles. Also doing this without compromising quality and transparency. Learn more about what started it all, the charities we support and what continues to drive the Detach culture.

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