“Health Bits” Reward Program

Ambassador, Advocates and Fans

What You Get



  • I'd like to just try detach, is there an easy to way to sample or store I can buy in? We have plans to broaden our retail presence in 2019. The best way to try it is with our 1st Try Promo.

  • I’m a big shot with a ton of followers. Why doesn’t detach just send me free stuff? That is phenomenal and we are very happy for you. It should then be pretty trivial to turn referrals over and get comp’d for it. If you legitimately are in our focus market and have a multiple of followers than us, contact us for custom programs.

  • How come I can’t just get paid to post stuff? We have spent considerable time analyzing and vetting other programs. Also, we have fans that are more than willing to post for us because they *want* to advocate a great product, brand and movement. From time to time we will reward them. Keep in mind, our desire is to allow our program to be as broadly accessible as possible. Comp’ing for just posts is not feasible at this scale for our business and in the end you. In only rare cases will we do this but for 99% of ambassadors it is about performance on influence. This benefits those who may not have strong followers (or not many bots) but truly have influence. It’s all about striving for a performance mentality and for that we reward.

  • Is there a cash compensation component? We are working to incorporate that into our program. In the meantime contact us on our wholesale pricing if you want to distribute yourself which is an option. At our program scale this will only apply to the top percentage of performers who earn enough in referrals to warrant cutting checks or transfering funds.

  • Still have questions? Contact Us