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The Detach Brands Story

Detach FounderMy name is Stathy and I am the founder of Detach. I've been involved in competitive sports nearly my whole life. Although I've always had a passion for fitness and nutrition, it wasn't always easy for me. It took alot of patience, persistence and sweat. During this time I learned alot about a balanced lifestyle and how to make training and nutrition work for "real people". By that I mean those of us not in the tiny percentage who have a genetics gift to cover most of the experienced improvements. It is through this trial and error that I came up with concepts around Detach.

The motivation for Detach all started with a conversation with my wife Ellen after one of her back to back yoga sessions. She needed a plant based drink to help her stay hydrated and also give her enough focused energy that supports her training. There just was not much out there. Either too much sugar, or not enough. Lots of 0 calorie drinks with all the fake and "real" sweeteners that not only taste bad but can have same negative effect as lots of sugar. Coconut water is the closest natural hydration but the flavor is less than appealing for most people including my wife.

Detach - Hydrate and ActivateOften times we just need some help, not a miracle pill while juggling all of  life's responsibilities like work, chores, family, etc. Coconut water is close but in its basic form misses some important components. Not to mention for most of us coconut water does not taste great. After going through countless iterations for more than 3 years the Detach formula turned out quite right. Obviously the flavor appealed to our community and it is  now time to share Detach with all the real people out there that give 110% everyday to be their best!!! Get Detach Clean Sports Drink today!

Detach supports charities such as Alzheimers Association, World Bicycle Relief and more.Last but not least, we like to think we do more than just strive to provide great products. We are also part of a maniacal movement to educate and support healthy patterns for everyone. As part of our effort, we donate a portion of our profits to charitable causes with values we believe in such as the Alzheimers Association, World Bicycle Relief and The King Ridge Foundation to name a few. Join our community to be a part of this movement and stay up to date on all our community events.